[Soekris] net6501 battery polarity?

David Ruggiero thatseattleguy at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 01:15:56 CEST 2017

Request for a favor from the list: can someone with a net6501 (if any out
there still work :) pull out a voltmeter and let me know which direction
the CMOS battery faces? Is the battery positive pole towards the small cap
(red and white on my board) or the other way (towards the row of four
ethernet transceivers)?

Or put another way, if you hold the board so the row of LEDs is down and
the row of ethernet ports is up, is the positive pole of the battery to the
right or the left?

(Long story but I need to put a new one on my remaining board here and I've
forgotten which way it faces. Note to self: ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES FIRST,
*THEN* pull out the soldering iron...)

many thanks.
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