[Soekris] Anyone still want a net6501 GPIO driver for Linux?

Freek Dijkstra freek at macfreek.nl
Mon Sep 12 13:08:25 CEST 2016

On 11-09-2016 18:56, J. Grizzard wrote:

> Does anyone still have a need for this driver? If anyone still
> wants/needs it, I can make it available for folks.

My recommendation is to simply publish it as-is on a Github or Bitbucket
repository, with a note that it is published as-is.

In my experience, some repositories that were unused for years suddenly
got attention later. In most cases, in few cases, I polished it at that
time, but in quite I lost interest. But even in the later case, those
who had interest appreciated that I took the time to publish them, even
in non-polished format.


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