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> David,
> I won't laugh at all. I am now leaving both pfsense and soekris and I am building a RPI2 box just to this role. So far, so good. Till next weekend I may have it running as backup router, and soon after the main one. Must be prepared to change my 5501-70. The 6501-70 passed away first :/

Firstly, my Net5501 machines have been tremendously reliable. My Net6501 has also been fine but I don’t want to press my luck.

I just read about a machine called the Banana Pi in Linux Journal. The column was about building a low powered NAS box. Your Mileage May Vary but that might be a more appropriate solution. The Banana Pi is still ARM but it’s available in System On Chip format with 4 x Gb ethernet. Gigabit is a requirement for me since my ISP has just made 60Mb/s it’s minimum Tier. I upgraded from Net5501 to Net6501 because the Net5501’s 100Mb/s NICs were limiting my Internet speeds to 85Mb/s.

I can’t move to Banana Pi today because I won’t move off of OpenBSD. Having said that it’s not an issue for me because I moved my Net6501 into the background about a year ago over health concerns I saw here. I replaced it with a 1U SuperMicro Atom. The power draw is similar but the machine seems to be a bit more rugged.


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