[Soekris] spontaneous reboot with large packet flows on net5501+lan1741

Conrad Kostecki ck at conrad-kostecki.de
Wed Feb 18 15:21:22 CET 2015

The net5501 manual states:

Please note that there is limited power available for the three PCI expansion connectors.
There are only 20W available on the 3.3V power pins and 5V pins combined.
If a 2.5” hard disk is used, it will also need to share the available power.
An onboard DC-DC converter supplies +12V @ 0.3A and 12V @ 0.1A to the PCI connector.
If the board is powered by 12V then a bypass circuit will supply up to 1A of the 12V to the PCI connector.


So this is much lower, than you could power with 5A @ 12V..


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