[Soekris] spontaneous reboot with large packet flows on net5501+lan1741

Andrew Atrens andrew at atrens.ca
Tue Feb 17 21:56:11 CET 2015

5A should be plenty I'd think .. but I guess it also depends on the 
voltage ..

A few years ago I experienced issues with an ALIX board and a high power 
Ubiquiti/Atheros-based mini-PCI card .. if memory serves I think it was 
an XR-2 .. in that case though the miniPCI card would sort of brown out 
and that could lock up the PCI bus leading to a kernel crash or watchdog 
reset.  In that situation the issue was internal to the PUPS on the ALiX 
board - a known limitation wrt how how much power could be supplied to 
the miniPCI slot.

On 2015-02-17 2:02 PM, Christopher Sean Hilton wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 01:37:51PM -0500, Andrew Atrens wrote:
>> Hi Nix,
>> It's almost certainly a power issue as power draw for the lan card will not
>> be a static thing - ie will increase when transmitting packets vs idle.
> That's an intersting theory. I also run an external nic in the PCI
> slot of a Net5501-60. In my case the OS is OpenBSD 5.5 and the nic
> card is an Intel dual Gigabit PCI-X unit. I also experience reboots of
> this configuration under high packet flows. In my case though my
> machine is in the Net5501 rack mount case with the 5.0A power supply.
> I will arrange to test by swapping to a newer 5501 rack mount case and
> retesting.
> Thanks
> -- Chris

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