[Soekris] general impressions of network throughput

Thomas Fjellstrom thomas at fjellstrom.ca
Tue Mar 18 15:33:48 CET 2014

On Tue 18 Mar 2014 08:22:00 AM Jan Ceuleers wrote:
> On 03/16/2014 09:59 PM, Malcolm Herbert wrote:
> > We will be soon getting a 25Mb/s link and I was wondering what max
> > throughput people had found for various models of Soekris boards - I
> > have some 4801s and a 5501 at the moment but was concerned that these
> > might not have the grunt to cope, especially as it would become my end
> > of a PPPoE link and might also host some static web pages too.
> I have a 5501, and my ISP upgraded my VDSL2 line to 25.5Mbit/s a couple
> of months ago. The box runs Debian Wheezy. It terminates the PPPoE link
> so that the DSL modem's IP stack is not exposed to the internet.
> I'm able to saturate the internet link, but I have had to make some
> changes. Principally, I've begun migrating wireless traffic off the box
> for two reasons:
> - the box was getting just too crashy under load;
> - I could not saturate the internet link in one of my main use cases,
> namely browsing from a wireless client via a proxy server that resides
> on my LAN. So in this case the box would deal with PPPoE, firewalling
> (incl NAT), shift the traffic onto the LAN towards the proxy, then
> bridge it back again to the wireless client.

I would have expected the 5501 to handle at least wifi and 25mpbs, but maybe 
not if it's also doing QoS.

My 6501-50 is capable of saturating a 100/5 connection while handling 802.11n 
@ 100mbps while doing QoS and upstream rate limiting on the WAN connection. I 
think it could also manage some squid action, but my usage really isn't helped 
by squid caching at all. Oh, and it does some bind dns caching.

If you're ever thinking of upgrading, the 6501 is pretty capable.

> Jan
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