[Soekris] general impressions of network throughput

Brian Staszewski brian.staszewski at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 00:47:12 CET 2014

I'm using a 5501 to do routing and DNS (with Debian) and I regularly push the full 100mbps that my ISP provides (it comes out to ~96mbps) through it with no problems. —
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On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 2:08 PM, Malcolm Herbert <mjch at mjch.net> wrote:

> We will be soon getting a 25Mb/s link and I was wondering what max
> throughput people had found for various models of Soekris boards - I
> have some 4801s and a 5501 at the moment but was concerned that these
> might not have the grunt to cope, especially as it would become my end
> of a PPPoE link and might also host some static web pages too.
> I'm currently running NetBSD with pf on a 4801 as a firewall but would
> be happy to consider any *BSD flavour if there seems to be a marked
> advantage ...
> What are others experience with higher network load on these devices?
> Regards,
> Malcolm
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> Malcolm Herbert
> mjch at mjch.net
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