[Soekris] 6501 with OpenBSD as firewall

Nikola Gyurov ngyurov at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 20:17:48 CET 2014

Been running 5.4 without any problems, on a 6501-50 box with + 2.5"
HDDs in softraid1, using it as a firewall/mail server/VPN/ssh
proxy/nfs (storage connected to the external USB).
So far it's doing well.

It IS going to be hot tho :/
Currently it's idle (i.e. load < 1%) and the Atom is running pretty hot:
/home/nikola $ sysctl | grep -i deg
hw.sensors.cpu0.temp0=78.00 degC
hw.sensors.cpu1.temp0=78.00 degC

It's still far away form the 90 deg maxTj (which I was unable to reach
even when recompiling the OS) so it's not throttling, but still hot
for an idle system.

Best regards,
Nikola Gyurov

On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 6:21 PM, Marc Balmer <marc at msys.ch> wrote:
> Hi
> I uses many, many 4801 and 5501 as VDSL routers and firewalls running various releases of OpenBSD.  I never used a 6501 with OpenBSD as VDSL router/firewall.
> What are "people's" experiences with the net 6501 and (recent) OpenBSDs, for firewalling and VPN purposes?
> - thx
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