[Soekris] 6501-70 compatible SSD and video card

Colin Petrie colin at spakka.net
Sat Mar 15 18:10:08 CET 2014

On 15/03/14 17:39, James Turner wrote:
> I followed a previous recommendation and purchased a Crucial M500 120GB
> mSATA Internal Solid State Drive (CT120M500SSD3) and so far so good. I've
> only had my soekris for about a week now but OpenBSD has been happily
> running on it without any issues.

I tried a Crucial M500 240G mSATA in a net6501-70. But it had a weird
behaviour - on a cold boot it was fine, but the BIOS did not seem to see
it after a warm reset. Either doing a reboot in the OS, or using the
front panel reset button, left it unable to see the drive to boot from.
However a physical power cycle always booted OK.

YMMV of course :) It may have been just that drive unit (we only tried one)

We ended up just sticking to Intel 525's and have had no problems with
them since.


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