[Soekris] net6501 won't start anymore

Ryan McIntosh rmcintosh at nitemare.net
Wed Sep 18 02:02:17 CEST 2013

Try a different power supply first, they generally take a beating, followed
by removing any peripherals (drives and cards) to see of you can get it to
post. If you can't get anything after that then someone here can probably
run you through further diagnostics if there's anything else that can be
done before talking to soekris about a broken board.

On Sep 17, 2013 6:07 PM, "Eivind Eide" <xenofil at gmail.com> wrote:

> I purchased a net 6501-30 autumn 2011 from Soekris Europe. It's been
> working nicely for me after bios with usb boot code was in place.
> I'm running ComBIOS 1.41c and boot OpenBSD from a low profile USB stick.
> However this is not a boot problem, it's a board start problem.
> Some time ago, after power recycling, which always went well before, the
> box didn't boot up and only the green power led and the red error led
> was lit. I then tried to press the reset button and the box continued to
> boot as normally. Because of occasional need for power cycling this
> happened a couple more times, then the other day after power cycling it
> wouldn't start anymore at all. And now pressing the reset button does
> nothing, except the four interface leds flash a fragment of a moment,
> and then back to only green power led and red error led lit.
> It stops before ComBIOS, there are no output to the serial console
> whatsoever (and I have had no problems getting the serial console to
> work before, so that's not it). So no disk problem  or such, the box
> don't even get to POST.
> Where do I proceed from here? Any thoughts? Grateful for any ideas...
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