[Soekris] soekris 4801 and pfsense 2.x

Chris Cappuccio chris at nmedia.net
Mon Sep 9 04:58:14 CEST 2013

chahid ouarzoun [chahid.ouarzoun at gmail.com] wrote:
> Hello guys,
> can some one give me benchmark or share experience with an installation of
> soekris 4801 using pfsense 2.x.
> i planned use it for 30 pc and 30 ip phones + 3 wan connection using load
> balancing.
> does the soekris
> 4801+case_lan1621_board<http://soekris.eu/shop/net4801/net4801_48_board_and_case_lan1621_board_en.html>
> will
> support all this traffic ?

The 4801 is very limited and realistically scales up to 4kpps
to 10kpps depending on the OS. 

The pfsense web interface is very heavy and modern versions
don't even run on boxes like the 4801 due to RAM limitations.

You are better off with a 5501 or 6501 box. 

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