[Soekris] Debian Squeeze on Soekris

Dean Maluski dean at n1ety.com
Sat Nov 23 17:12:57 CET 2013

I have built what I consider a rock solid Soekris 6501/Debian Squeeze
system based off this WIKI
I use it along with a weather station designed for boats which I have
retrofitted into News vehicles.
I have 3 of these built and think once I get Google Maps displaying
animated travel of vehicle I may have a need for 30+ more for sister TV
stations around the USA.

The change that made this 100% solid was to replace Grub with Lilo.
Since March I've been cycling power twice a day on one box that lives in
my work truck with 100% reliability!

One concern I have is this Debian Squeeze installation ftp site becoming
obsolete and discarded.

My questions is how do I download all packages, build my own install
site and live in a vacuum?
This question is likely better answered on a Debian email group
somewhere but I anticipate there may be some Debian guru's on this

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