[Soekris] Net6501 location of SATA ports

Peter Neubauer pneubauer at bluerwhite.org
Fri May 17 18:57:28 CEST 2013


The SATA ports are on the corner of the board opposite the corner with 
the reset button and power connector.  In other words, put the board 
face up in front of you with the power connector facing you.  The SATA 
ports are on the top left corner.  They're labelled J1 and J2.

For SATA power, you'll need an adapter like that sold with the Soekris 
HDD mounting kit 
I think my board came with this power adapter, but I could be mistaken.  
The power connector is a 5 pin connector labelled JP18.  It's located 
along the edge between the SATA ports and the PCIe slot, closest to the 
SATA ports.


On 5/17/2013 10:22 AM, Robin Kipp wrote:
> Hello all!
> I'm the proud owner of a Net6501 and have been running Linux on it for about half a year now. I am completely blind, however when I received the device it was no problem for me to open the case, install the MSATA SSD, put the case back together and get everything going.
> However, I just purchased an SATA HD which I'd like to install and connect to the mainboard. Unfortunately, I was not very fortunate when trying to find the ports on the board where the SATA and power cables for the HD get plugged in. I've been carefully exploring the Net6501, however with all the connectors and pins I wasn't able to find the appropriate ports. Thus, I was just wondering if someone on here could be kind enough to tell me where abouts they are? In case this won't work out I could as well ask someone, in this case it would be really great for me to know if the ports are labelled in any way so I know what I have to ask for.
> Thanks a lot, any help would be greatly appreciated! :-)
> Best wishes,
> Robin.

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