[Soekris] Net 5501 -- Voyage Linux CF not recognized by BIOS

Chris Wilson chris-soekris at aptivate.org
Tue Sep 11 15:44:55 UTC 2012

Hi Arun,

On Tue, 11 Sep 2012, Arun Khan wrote:

> The install process goes fine i.e. no error message on the screen.

What exact installation process did you follow? Did you run "grub-install" 
to install the boot loader afterwards?

> When I put the CF cards in the net5501, it fails to recognize the cards.

Does it list the cards as hard disks during the POST? If not, they are 
faulty or not compatible with the Soekris.

> Any pointers as what could be the problem highly appreciated.

Most likely, grub is not installed properly or cannot find the files it 
needs to continue the boot process.

> Has anyone been able to boot Debian Squeeze (2.6.32) distro on Soekris 
> 5501?

Not Debian Squeeze specifically, but Voyage Linux 0.7.0, yes, many times.

Cheers, Chris.
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