[Soekris] OpenBSD disk transfer speed - net5501/6501

Greg Troxel gdt at work.lexort.com
Thu Jun 28 00:26:15 UTC 2012

On a net5501 with NetBSD 5.1_STABLE (not what you asked, but close
enough to be interesting :-), I get

  gdt 2 ~ > dd if=/dev/rwd0d of=/dev/null bs=128k
  ^C1747+0 records in
  1747+0 records out
  228982784 bytes transferred in 8.162 secs (28054739 bytes/sec)

This is with a very old PATA drive, circa 2003 I think:

  viaide0 at pci0 dev 20 function 2
  viaide0: Advanced Micro Devices CS5536 IDE Controller (rev. 0x01)
  viaide0: bus-master DMA support present
  viaide0: primary channel wired to compatibility mode
  viaide0: primary channel interrupting at irq 14
  atabus0 at viaide0 channel 0
  viaide0: secondary channel wired to compatibility mode
  viaide0: secondary channel ignored (disabled)
  wd0 at atabus0 drive 0: <FUJITSU MHT2040AT>
  wd0: drive supports 16-sector PIO transfers, LBA addressing
  wd0: 38154 MB, 77520 cyl, 16 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 78140160 sectors
  wd0: 32-bit data port
  wd0: drive supports PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2, Ultra-DMA mode 5 (Ultra/100)
  wd0(viaide0:0:0): using PIO mode 4, Ultra-DMA mode 5 (Ultra/100) (using DMA)

but still 28 MB/s seems slow, even for an old notebook drive.  So I
wonder if the controller is maxing out before the drive.

(I'm still not sure if you are using dd to a file in the filesystem, or
if you're talking about using the raw device as I did above.)

What are other people seeing with PATA and SATA drives?

Can you post your dmesg?
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