[Soekris] power-on boot problem

Devin Reade gdr at gno.org
Mon Jul 11 04:43:26 UTC 2011

Landon Curt Noll <soekris-mail at asthe.com> wrote:

> We recently received two net5501-70 units (S/N 229935 and 229936). 
> They experience problems on booting after the unit has been powered
> down for a bit.

I experienced a similar problem using large-ish SSD drives
(Intel X25-V 40GB) where on a boot-from-lengthy-powerdown they
would sometimes be unrecognised, but were fine during a regular
cold or warm reboot.

With the help of some on this list, I came to the conclusion that
the SSDs needed more power-up time than the 5501s were giving them.
I've avoided the problem now by a combination of the following:

  + increasing the boot delay in the combios to at least 15 seconds
  + set BootDrive=80 80 80 80
  + set PXEBoot=Disabled
  + ensuring that you have the newest combios version installed (1.33c)
    My boxes, which are only about a year or two old, still had

I'd already had the 1st and 3rd like that, but repeatedly trying to
boot from 80 seemed to do the trick.  I verified empirically that
the 15 second delay was required, though.  I couldn't verify if 
the 2nd and 4th items were strictly necessary, but they certainly
haven't hurt.

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