[Soekris] What's the difference between OpenSoekris and flashrd?

Chris Cappuccio chris at nmedia.net
Sat Apr 16 17:29:18 UTC 2011

Ed Flecko [edflecko at gmail.com] wrote:
> 2.) Am I right so far?
> Once you've written the image to your CF, you just plug it back into
> your Soekris (I'm guessing), but how do you actually configure the
> Soekris (i.e., set up NIC interfaces, configure PF, etc.)?

Edit config files in /etc

> 3.) Do you, somehow, configure your image in advance of writing it to
> the CF or you do that after you've written it to the flash???

This can be done after the new system is booted or you can mount the /etc partition of the openbsd.vnd file and do it before hand

> I'm confused about this process, so if someone could shed a little
> light on the steps that need to be taken, that would be great!

The flashrd faq might help.  What I do is edit openbsd.vnd and then test it in an emulator before pushing the image out to systems.

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