[Soekris] *BSD vs Linux

Marc Balmer marc at msys.ch
Fri Apr 15 16:26:17 UTC 2011

Am 15.04.11 16:33, schrieb Peter J. Holzer:
> On 2011-04-14 21:12:35 +0200, Marc Balmer wrote:
>> Am 14.04.11 20:54, schrieb Ken Hornstein:
>>> Can we all respectfully agree to disagree on the issue of licenses?
>>> The *BSDs use a BSD-style license, Linux uses the GPL.  Both have
>>> their advantages and disadvantages, and your license preference depends
>>> on your worldview (indeed, what you consider an advantage versus a
>>> disadvantage depends on your worldview).
>>> Also, I would note that the soekris mailing list is not the appropriate
>>> place to hash out the merits of licenses; there are better places
>>> for that discussion.
>> Keep in mind that the OP asked why some folks favor A over B.  And
>> license X vs. license Y is a perfectly valid response.
>> There is no judgment in the licenses themselves, just *why* one is
>> prefererred *by someone* for a *specific application*.
> I'm still wondering what the application may be where the license of the
> OS may actually make a difference.

if you build OS images then this can be an issue

> I use soekris boxes as router/firewall thingies for our own organisation
> and customers. So far I've not run into a situation where the license
> would have made a difference. I have done a bit of custom programming,
> but just because the kernel is GPL doesn't mean that the applications
> running on it have to be GPL (as a lot of commercial software vendors
> writing software for Linux can testify) - and most of my programs were
> in Perl, so the customer got the source anyway.

We do kernel level programming, so the license matters

> Sure, if I need to modify some GPL code, I have to give those
> modifications to the customer, but that doesn't seem very likely: Even
> if I was a hardware vendor who sold soekris boxes with custom PCI cards
> and proprietary drivers I could get by with providing binary-only
> drivers (if Nvidia and EMC can do it ...).
> So, apart from philosophical reasons (which I can understand): What do
> you really do with your soekris boxes what the Linux license(s) would
> prevent you from doing?
> I'm really just curious, not trying to escalate the flame war.

maybe just accept that some companies see the world in a different light
than others ;)  and then there is of course all this work that "we" (the
BSD community) are not allow to talk about.  you would be surprised if
knew where BSD is used....

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