[Soekris] *BSD vs Linux

David Burgess apt.get at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 16:24:23 UTC 2011

2011/4/14 Ryan Whelan <rcwhelan at gmail.com>:

> Has anyone migrated from a Linux to a BSD and wished the BSD could do
> something you feel Linux does better or what was your biggest pain in
> migrating / what do you miss the most?

My first real firewall router was Debian-based (not on Soekris
hardware), and worked absolutely wonderfully. My first Soekris
hardware was a net5501 and I put m0n0wall on it for a customer because
he needed a GUI. Four years later, he still loves m0n0 and owns many
of them.

My own needs grew and I got my own 5501. I had grown fond of m0n0wall
but needed more features, so I took pfsense for a drive and fell in
love with it. On desktops and servers I am still a Linux man, and for
many tasks I prefer CLI over GUI, but I have to admit that on the
firewall I love having the GUI and the graphs. Some tasks work better
in the shell, and for some mass edits I go straight to the config
files, but the GUI would be hard to give up at this point for the day
to day.

But back to your last question, what do I miss about Linux: besides
being much more familiar with Linux commands (which could equally be
an argument for BSD), I always preferred the Linux traffic shaper
tools to pfsense (which is, I believe, a subset of FreeBSD's or pf's).
Maybe it's just a matter of me being more familiar and skilled with
tc, but I had no trouble making it perform exactly the way I liked,
and I can't say the same for the traffic shaper in pfsense.


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