[Soekris] *BSD vs Linux

Mads Hjorth madsh at mac.com
Thu Apr 14 18:48:27 UTC 2011

Hi Ryan,

I do not write code, nor have a big interest in license issues.

I am using a 5501 at home as a network device with a ADSL card. I use  
it as dhcp server, firewall and webserver. And I have tried both  
OpenBSD and Debian.

My experience is, that both are equally easy to set up - relatively  
speaking. The pxe boot process still takes time in a simple home  
network. The next soekris model will introduce bootable usb media,  
which might ease the installation process.

The OpenBSD experience can be simpler, better documented, with one  
recommend way to do simple and complex things.

The Debian experience can be more complex, more fragmented  
documentation, with many ways and many different advices on how to do  
even simple things.

I am currently running Debian 6, and the tipping point for me was that  
I wanted to use a specific piece of software, One Wire File System  
(OWFS) to read some environmental sensors. Some software is more  
native to Linux and even that it is possible to build on OpenBSD, it  
is easier to communicate about specific problems on the native platform.

As usual the answer is... it depends... and in my case it depended on  
the ease of building the latest OWFS.



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