[Soekris] *BSD vs Linux

Brian Johnson brian.l.johnson at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 21:58:44 UTC 2011

For me its a personal preference of pf over iptables and OpenBSD being
very light weight out of the box compared to the Linux distros I use

2011/4/12 Ryan Whelan <rcwhelan at gmail.com>:
> Watching the mailing list, it -seems- like BSDs are more prevalent on the
> soekris platforms then Linux.  I've only ever used Linux ( a custom
> Buildroot build and hand-rolled kernel ).  I am NOT trying to troll, and I
> know this is a technical mailing list, but I'm really curious why those that
> chose BSDs chose them?  Without being a BSD user, I'm hoping to get some
> insight into what I don't know.
> I really want to know the reasons for the decision, not start a flame war- I
> promise
> ryan
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