[Soekris] RAID1

Malcolm Herbert mjch at mjch.net
Wed Apr 6 23:22:49 UTC 2011

On Wed, 06 Apr 2011 17:54 -0400, "Greg Troxel" <gdt at work.lexort.com>
> FWIW, I use raidframe in NetBSD for RAID1.   With raid
> autoconfiguration, either disk will boot in pretty much any computer.
> Other than partitioning and installation, it's nearly transparent.

+1 from me ... I have been using RaidFRAME on both my net5501 and
net4801 hosts and an external USB disk enclosure without issues[1]

this has saved my metaphorical bacon more than once with dead disks in
the past ... 

also, one thing that helps when using autoconfigured software RAID
devices is that the disk later becomes more portable, in the sense that
it will also boot successfully in any other host - once the kernel is
up, it will refer to filesystems by /dev/raid<n> so the fact that the
kernel found the disk as /dev/wd<n> or /dev/sd<n> as it booted makes no
difference ... very very handy for recovery operations[2]

This experience comes from NetBSD but should also be applicable to other
*BSDen and Linux to some extent[3] ...


[1] apart from the 2day synchronisation time on a 150GB drive with the
net4801's USB 1.1 support ... :)
[2] in fact I generally set up my laptop for day-to-day operations as a
broken RaidFRAME mirror for this very reason.
[3] Linux seems to have a slightly more robust method for identifying
locations of filesystems on the same device regardless of device path

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