[Soekris] New model net6501

Alfred Landrum alfred at leakybucket.org
Fri Apr 1 16:05:01 UTC 2011

Does that take into account the 2GBytes of RAM (as opposed to the
512Mbytes of the 5501)?

BTW - the specs look great, as does the new branding!  congrats!

On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 8:10 AM, Soren Kristensen <soren at soekris.com> wrote:
> Hi Marco.
> Marco A. Calamari wrote:
>> I will be really interested in having MB power consumption data.
>> I mean no maximum, but realistic ones.
>> It will be useful also to have a comparison with 5501 and 4801.
> Preliminary calculations indicates net6501 power consumption will be
> about the same as a net5501, both active and standby.... The 30W is what
> the onbord power supply can deliver to the net6502 itself plus expansion
> boards.
> The CPU heatsink is also not because of greater power, but due to the
> fact than instead of the 40x40mm Geode package to dissipate heat the
> Atom package is a 7x11mm exposed die....
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