[Soekris] Soekris net5501-70 crash a lot

Stanislav Meduna stano at meduna.org
Tue Sep 21 08:35:24 UTC 2010

On 21.09.2010 09:56, Alvar Kusma wrote:

> net5501. Soekris LX CPU generates more heat. Why? Don't know. Clock is 
> the same, power likely too, only difference is that net5501 has 512MB 
> RAM vs. Alix 256MB.

What color is the net5501 case? If it is this one
and Alix one is black in- and outside, that might
well make the difference.

I am not using Soekris anymore, but I had severe problems
with net4801 with HD inside using their official
HD mounting kit - I fried two disks, then drilled holes,
installed a fan and all was well. Why they are offering
a design that simply can't work thermally I don't know...


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