[Soekris] Only one Network interface working after a cold boot

Richard Verwayen lists at leewelle.de
Tue Jan 13 14:13:05 UTC 2009

Hi again!
Am 13.01.2009 um 14:59 schrieb Steve Clark:
>> After a cold boot (systems powerless for more than 18h), only one  
>> out  of 4 network interfaces show any activity (sometimes, it is  
>> only vr1,  sometimes, it ist vr1 and vr3). No LED is flashing even  
>> though they  are connected to a working switch. pfSense recognizes  
>> all 4  Interfaces, but I am only the one showing activity is working.
>> A reboot doesn't change that behaviour, but a short power  
>> interuption  (less than 1h) does.
>> dmesg doesn't show any anomalies.
> The via interfaces seem to be picky, try doing a ifconfig vr0 down,  
> or whatever the interface number is and then
> ifconfig vr0 up.
Doesn't change the situation at all.

I do have the same symptom when no OS is booted and I am in the BIOS- 

Best regards


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