[Soekris] Elan timer setup, case customization

Ian Bobbitt soekris at custodes.info
Tue Dec 15 23:30:30 UTC 2009

I have a Thunderbolt GPSDO.  I want to use it to clock my 4501 and provide PPS.  (Yes, I know it isn't the best idea to use it for both, but it's better than nothing until I can get a Rb.)

I'm building my own stripped down versions of the TAPR Clock Block and FatPPS since I don't need configurability.

Of course, I want to use the Elan timer trick for the PPS.  http://www.febo.com/time-freq/ntp/soekris/ says to run the FatPPS output to PIO0, which I understand.  But why does it also say to connect to the junction of R61/62?  What signal is available there?

Also, I need to add a few holes to my case.  I'm afraid I've made a mess of the one I have with a Dremel, so I need to purchase another.  I'm going to need to add holes for one to three more DE-9s for various refclocks and two SMA jacks for the 10MHz and PPS.  I don't have a punch, and don't trust myself to cut good holes in a second case.  Is there anyone here who would help punch holes in a case for me?

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