[Soekris] GPIO control of SW1(Reset Button) on 5501 with OpenBSD

Jesse White jwhite at datavalet.com
Mon Dec 14 15:17:17 UTC 2009

I found this code online when I attempted to figure this out 6 months ago
http://osdir.com/ml/leaf.cvs/2005-05/msg00023.html. Take a look at the
_net4801_write_reset_button and _net4801_read_reset_button functions in the
patch. These are for the Net4801, but from what I can gather should also
work on the Net5501. 

I was unable to get this working on the Net5501, but you might have better


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Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <4B24D1A7.1010304 at gmail.com>, Lars Nooden writes:
>> Lars Nooden wrote:
>> Or if that information is not available, which pc87366 pin is it?
> I don't think it is one of the pc87366 pins, I think it is one
> of the pins on the "Geode Companion" chip.

Thanks.  Any guess as to which one?  I'm hoping to avoid mail-ordering a
pushbutton and boring a hole in the case to mount it.

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