[Soekris] Connecting the SATA and power cables to the Net 5501

Robin Kipp webmaster at robin-kipp.de
Fri Oct 31 22:37:44 UTC 2008


> AFAIK the net5501 has a SATA to IDE bridge and not a native 
> SATA interface.

Omg, sorry but... That sucks!!! Why can't they just put in native SATA?
I mean, it says SATA on the specs page of the Net5501 and then it's just
an imitation? And well, I'm guessing this thing can't reach SATA
And also, the way you have to squeece in the hd isn't really too good
for both the hd and the mainboard. You have to squeece the cables under
the hd because they are way too long, so the cables are pressed onto the
board. And also, when the case is closed the top of the case also pushes
down the hd - I don't really think this is a safe position for the hd,
if there are some vibrations or something, it may be corrupted...
Couldn't Soekris maybe offer a larger case that gives the hd more space
and a more safe position???

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