[Soekris] Linux: Benchmarks with or without the "geode-aes" module

Andreas Gerlich soekris-tech at online.de
Sun Oct 19 21:24:27 UTC 2008


I post the results of my tests with and without the "geode-aes" module
once more under this subject:

Settings: crypto-options: aes-cbc-essiv:sha256, keysize=128

command: time dd if=/dev/zero of=xxx.img bs=1024 count=700000

  without goede-aes (128 Bit keylength)	1m40.313s, 1m44.596s, 1m43.717s

  with geode-aes (128 Bit keylength)	36.792s,   37.774s,   37.552s

command: time cat 700MB-file >/dev/null

  without geode-aes (128 Bit keylength)	1m35.057s, 1m36.257s, 1m36.587s

  with geode-aes (128 Bit keylength):	32.546s,   32.656s,   32.653s

That's a considerable difference !!!   :-)

Andreas G., University of Ulm, Germany
open source project --> http://yaze-ag.de/ (Yet Another Z80 Emulator)

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