[Soekris] Voyage Linux problem

Wayne Lee wayne.lee at link-connect.com
Fri Oct 17 08:30:34 UTC 2008

Run the following command to mount the drive writeable


When you have finished you can remount read only by using


These are documented on the Voyage site


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> Hi,
> yesterday I installed Voyage Linux on the CF card of my Net5501. The
> only big issue I got is when the thing boots up, it remounts / as
> read-only, which is, of course, really bad for a system partition
> I need to install programs. Commands like apt-get update don't work at
> the moment because files can't be written... The other strange thing
> that mount doesn't say rootfs isn't mounted as read-only, the only
> thing
> it says that rootfs is mounted. Does anyone here know how to solve
> problem? Thanks!
> Robin
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