[Soekris] VPN1401 for OpenSSH handshake acceleration under FreeBSD 7.0?

James R. Van Artsdalen soekris-tech at jrv.org
Thu Oct 16 20:14:35 UTC 2008

Marcus Reid wrote:
> I'm considering the VPN1401 accelerator board for our monitoring servers
> running FreeBSD 7.  The main reason for the crypto acceleration would be
> to offload OpenSSH handshakes -- does anyone know if the right algorithms
> are supported by the hardware and libcrypto.so?

FreeBSD7's openssl (both base and ports) do not not use /dev/crypto, and
hence not the VPN1401.  This is a known issue discussed in the mailing
lists.  I haven't tried the FreeBSD8 test builds.

FreeBSD7 does not use the VPN1401's random number generator to return
numbers from /dev/random.  Instead it appears that /dev/random returns
numbers from the Yarrow software PRNG as usual and the VPN1401's RNG is
only used to seed Yarrow by one byte per clock tick.

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