[Soekris] CompactFlash cards and Soekris boards

RB aoz.syn at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 14:06:53 UTC 2008

> Assume the card is a cheap consumer card and tolerates 250,000 writes.
> Then the card's wear-leveling won't help you, and the card will break
> down after only about nine years.

Operant word "only"; let's put the scale into perspective:

Crank it down even more - assume the card's even cheaper and only
withstands 100k writes per cell.  You overwrite the entire card 150x
daily, just under once every 10 minutes.  Assuming reasonable
wear-leveling the card will remain (on average) writable for well over
a year and a half, and will still be readable beyond that point.  Drop
that to 50 full writes daily (once every 30 minutes) and the life
expands to just under 5.5 years.  Say you were constantly writing that
512MB card at a blazing (for consumer CF) 20MB/s - you're still
looking at 29.6 days of writing before it gives out. 100k won't be
nearly enough for some industrial applications, but you get the idea:
100k writes is larger than we tend to think in a world where a
consumer having over 1T of storage is becoming normal.

If you want your flash to last a decade or more, spend the extra dosh
and get a good industrial card.

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