[Soekris] CompactFlash cards and Soekris boards

Richard Gooch rgooch at safe-mbox.com
Fri Oct 10 14:05:36 UTC 2008

Bill Maas writes:
> It depends on the application you have in mind. For a router, the CF
> is perfect, for a DB backend server it most likely
> isn't. Maintaining a swap partition is also not a viable option with
> a CF card.

This isn't actually true. Even the older CF cards have "good enough"
wear levelling. I've got a mail server that's nearly 4 years old. It
runs off of CF. It hasn't missed a beat. By the time it dies I'll
probably be able to buy a new CF card with 100x the capacity, a better
wear-levelling algorith, more bandwidth and it will cost peanuts.

Why do people still believe this FUD?



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