[Soekris] FreeBSD7/NetBSD4-stable cauldron images for 5501

Brian A. Seklecki lavalamp at spiritual-machines.org
Sat Nov 15 20:25:00 UTC 2008

Hi to everyone!

I'm writing from the floor of the MeetBSD conference, hosted by Google in 
Mountain View, CA.  If you're here; if so stop by the NetBSD booth.

In advance of the conference, Steve Polyack and myself have built new 
Cauldron (formally bsd-appliance) CompactFlash images for the Soekris 

These are bootable file system images of FreeBSD/NetBSD i386 customized to 
run diskless.  These images are ready to be burned to 256mb CF media.

  For those of you unfamiliar with the Cauldron build system, you can read
  more at:


  These binary snapshots are provided ready to run on the 5501 to help
  introduce everyone to the Cauldron system. They will also suffice as
  a stateful packet forwarding pf(4) router out of the box.

  If, after testing these, you would like to begin to customize images for
  your own use internally, we encourage to checkout framework from SVN
  begin hacking together images that better suits your needs.

  "Cook up something", so to speak.

The image can be downloaded at:

  File size: 41159507 bytes
  MD5 = 5bd7e389c4ab31b195c558679080e0a2
  SHA1 = 39eb0236e3783eb5ce7881259d2f2c7cf345d112
  SHA256 = a885bd0ab70a1d29ebffa2f11164a6f1ded319fa35329e9dbfa0285bca184655

  File size: 24582461 bytes
  MD5 = 694571a9953f3873f1a13e5ba2a06430
  SHA1 = c99f99c243eb3b6b0f070b3bf1bc910935032203
  SHA256 = 7c9262b35243141d8d153f591ed3322a69b725b618a12446ec949dfcf09da246

  Additional information about snapshots can be found at:

Burning Instructions:

   Using a local USB CF Adapter:

   # bzcat -d image_cf.DateCode.snapshot0.NetBSD_4.bz2 | dd of=/dev/sd0c \

   Over the network to an IDE->CF Adapter:

   # dd if=image_cf.DateCode.snapshot0.NetBSD_4.bz2 bs=1024k | \
     ssh -vC root at live-cd-system "bzcat -d - | dd bs=1024k of=/dev/rwd0d"


   The image can be burned to any size CF media, but the geometry of the
   test environment is:

   cylinders: 980, heads: 16, sectors/track: 32 (512 sectors/cylinder)
   total sectors: 501760

   NOTE: The test platform has a 32 S/T spec; many have 63 S/T.  If you
         have difficulty booting these images, please let us know.

Requirements and Size:

  The custom kernel image has a 21000 block (9.5 meg) MFS RD/MD root file
  system.  The MFS /usr is configured 96MB.

  The system will run fine with default 256MB of physical RAM in 5501.


   The console and OS bootblocks are programmed for 19200bps on both
   images. (Soekris Defaults)


  The image itself is sliced into two filesystems:
   - A 96 MB a: slice for the kernel image, usr.tgz, and boot loader
   - An ~160 MB b: slice for the /shadow file system (explained on wiki)

Userland Details:

  A variety of subsystems have been compiled out of the base userland used
  to compile this image: S/Key, UUCP, YP, Kerberos + Hesoid, NLS, Docs*,
                         IPv6/INET6, CVS, GNU Toolchain (GCC, etc.),
                         Sendmail, IPFilter, C-shell, CAM/ATA Tools

Kernel Details:

   The NetBSD kernel configuration file used (CFRDMDROOT.MPACPI) is
   viewable from  subversion:

   The FreeBSD kernel is the 5501 template, with two modules.

   The kernel includes pf(4), carp(4), bridge(4), ipsec(4), vlan(4), and
   sufficient ethernet (including wifi) drivers to perform basic
   Access-Point and/or Routing + NAT/PAT functionality.


  There are a handful of Ports/Pkgsrc[.org] packages installed: bash,
  openntp, vim, bacula-client, net-snmp.  Future images will have Net-SNMP
  w/ Joel Knight's PF-MIB patches.


   There are example pf.conf(5), hostapd.conf(5) files included.
   dhclient(8) and dhcpd(8) should be functional.  racoon(8) IPSEC
   isakmpd(8) is included.  There is an example /etc/hostname.bridge0

   You will likely need to adjust rc.conf(5) after boot to meet your needs.

   The default root password on the image is unset (just press enter)

Documentation and Feedback:

   There are a handful of notes & documents on the Google Code project
   page, but please feel to report any bugs here.

Known issues:
  - Postfix warnings (safe to ignore)
  - syslogd(8) warns about missing log files at first boot
  - Various others in the "Issues" database on code.google.com
  - cron(8) is missing from the FreeBSD image (problems with pax(1))
  - Saving dhclient leases on FreeBSD (new rc(8) script patch):
   - Restoring works, archiving does not:
   - '/etc/rc.d/dhclient stop' is not called during shutdown (provide)


This is the first formal public announcement we've made, so we're looking 
forward to feedback and bug reports.

A big thanks to Google Code for hosting this project; as well as hosting 
MeetBSD 2008.  If you're not here, you're missing out on a great party!

   -- Brian and Steve

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