[Soekris] PCI ADSL modem.

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers at computer.org
Tue Nov 4 19:52:34 UTC 2008


andyk365 wrote:
 > We supply the ADSL2+ card you're talking about in the UK now. It 
presents as
 > a realtek ethernet NIC and as far as we are aware works well with xBSD.
 > You can check it out at  http://www.oem-router-solutions.co.uk
 > http://www.oem-router-solutions.co.uk  - if you have any questions 
you need
 > answered reply to this post or you can emailus directly at
 > support at oem-router-solutions.co.uk

This looks remarkably similar to the Sangoma S519 card 
(http://wiki.sangoma.com/wanpipe-linux-adsl2-support). Remarkably 
identical indeed.

I'm also interested, but am as worried as others are here at the 
potential for IP addressing overlap that this device presents: you need 
to talk to it by browsing or telnetting to which may not be 
an option on devices that already have this address and/or subnet active 
on another interface.

Cheers, Jan

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