[Soekris] 5501 is OK with pfSense embedded firewall image

Brian A. Seklecki lavalamp at spiritual-machines.org
Thu Sep 27 23:33:54 UTC 2007

The fixes likely wont get MFC'd from -current into RELENG_6_2, but
probably into RELENG_6 for 6.3-release.  The pfSense guys probably
orient their Releng cycle around the FreeBSD one to some extent.


On Sat, 2007-06-30 at 00:10 +0100, Martin Johnson wrote:
> Just a quick note to report that the 5501 seems happy running the
> current (1.2-BETA-1) embedded firewall image from pfSense.org, which is
> based on FreeBSD 6.2.  So for a quick firewall setup (with or without
> VPN) you can just cat the .gz image to the CompactFlash card device,
> stuff the card into the 5501, then boot up.  You'll need the serial port
> set to 9600 for initial config. Thereafter, pfSense config uses a web
> browser.
> Navigating around the PHP-based web config interface in pfSense seems a
> lot faster on the 5501 than on the 4801 :-)
> I'm not using this setup in anger, so I can't positively confirm whether
> its stable enough for production use. As a quick test it looks fine, but
> Poul-Henning Kamp made some fixes to the FreeBSD VR Ethernet drivers,
> and those fixes might take time to reach pfSense. (I don't know whether
> the pfSense guys have a 5501 yet.)
> Poul: how important are the VR Ethernet fixes?  Do they affect
> stability, or are they performance tweaks only?  In other words, will a
> standard FreeBSD 6.2 RELENG install suffice for a server with modest
> performance requirements, or do I need to take -CURRENT for stability on
> the 5501 hardware?
> Cheers,
> - Martin.
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