[Soekris] Net5501 1.32d issue?

Marc Balmer marc at msys.ch
Thu Sep 27 19:37:59 UTC 2007

solar wrote:
> Net5501 / OpenBSD 4.1. 
> Disk ( comBIOS [OpenBSD] ):
> Pri Mas  HTE721010G9AT00                 LBA Xlt 1024-255-63  97 Gbyte
> [wd0: 16-sector PIO, LBA48, 95396MB, 195371568 sectors <HTE721010G9AT00>]
> Pri Sla  CF CARD 4GB                     LBA Xlt 983-128-63  3964 Mbyte
> [wd1: 1-sector PIO, LBA, 3871MB, 7928928 sectors <CF CARD 4GB>]
> I have a slightly odd issue with the latest comBIOS and wonder if anyone
> else has experienced it?
> I've been running comBIOS 1.32 with no problems, except for the missing disk
> reboot issue previously documented.
> Just to try it out (!), I upgraded to 1.32d.
> As with 1.32, after executing OpenBSD reboot command the Error light remains
> lit for about a minute. Then comBIOS continues and having failed to find any
> discs goes for pxe boot.

it is a known bug.  the bios is fucked.  soekris is working on it (but to slow ;)

> With 1.32, if I then performed a physical reboot (press button at back or
> power off) all disks are then detected and OpenBSD boots normally. 
> However, with 1.32d, now after a physical reboot the comBIOS states the
> disks are detected again (although the error light does comes on for a few
> seconds) but then goes for pxe boot? As can be seen:
> comBIOS ver. 1.32d 20070919  Copyright (C) 2000-2007 Soekris Engineering.
> net5501
> 0512 Mbyte Memory                        CPU Geode LX 500 Mhz 
> Pri Mas  HTE721010G9AT00                 LBA Xlt 1024-255-63  97 Gbyte
> Pri Sla  CF CARD 4GB                     LBA Xlt 983-128-63  3964 Mbyte
> ...[removed]...
>  1 Seconds to automatic boot.   Press Ctrl-P for entering Monitor.
> Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build 082)
> Copyright (C) 1997,1998,1999  Intel Corporation
> VIA Rhine III Management Adapter v2.43 (2005/12/15)
> CLIENT MAC ADDR: xx xx xx xx xx xx [edit]  
> PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received.   
> If I then perform another physical reboot, the comBIOS finds the disks
> immediately and boots OpenBSD normally. 
> In summary, following upgrade to 1.32d if I perform an OpenBSD reboot, I am
> then required to perform two consecutive physical reboots (button at back or
> power off) before comBIOS finds discs and I can boot os again!

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