[Soekris] Power Supply

Egbert Jan egbert at vandenbussche.nl
Thu Sep 27 19:14:08 UTC 2007

Bob, I  have a 4801in use as router (monowall) and have applied the mod to
use a decent external 5V / 1.5A powersupply to the internal connector (see
the 4801 manual). Since then all my spurious problems are gone. I have a
Wifi mini PCI card and a 10 Gb disk and a 2 Gb flash installed. All this
together seems too much for the build-in DC-DC convertor. YMMV!

Egbert Jan (NL)


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> We've had a small bit of unreliable activity from the 
> net4826. There's no 
> manual for the net4826, but I am generally referred to the 
> net4801 manual 
> when I have questions on it. It says, regarding power, "... 
> a small wall mount unregulated power adapter,supplying 6V-28V 
> DC at 15 VA"
> I have been running three units off of 12V wall-warts at 750, 
> 850, and 
> 1000 mA. This fits the spec. The unit that hung was running 
> on the 750mA 
> supply. It has been suggested by some of my partners on this 
> project that 
> is not sufficient.
> Please advise us if this is the case. Also, please answer the 
> question I 
> had asked before regarding the maximum current available to 
> the mini-pci 
> cards, both as a whole and individually.
> Regards,
> Bob Keyes
> Harvard CitySense Project 
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