[Soekris] Connecting to a net4521 from Mac OS X

Bob Camp soekris at cq.nu
Tue Sep 4 11:32:37 UTC 2007


As others have mentioned, there are a lot of ways to do the Mac to  
4521 connection. I have yet to find one that *does not* work on the  
Mac for basic communication.

There is one thing to be careful about. The ComBios serial flash  
update uses Xmodem-CRC. The process the bios uses is "tuned" to match  
the Windows Hyperterminal implementation of the protocol. I have had  
odd things happen with a couple of programs, both on Windows and the  
Mac. I have not chased down the issues, I just switch over to  
Hyperterminal when I'm doing an update.

As long as you are not doing flash updates, you should be ok with a  
*lot* of different programs.


On Sep 4, 2007, at 1:21 AM, Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:

> 	Evening everyone!
> 	I'm new on this list so I apologize before hand if any of my
> questions are repeated and have been dealt with already, I've been
> googling for a while and still don't have some things very clear.
> Feel free to simply point me to some other [online] resource where I
> can look up the information I'm looking for if it's been aired here
> too many times here.
> 	In a nutshell, I need to connect to the console in a net4521 device
> from a Mac OS X computer (MacBook Pro running 10.4.10), so my obvious
> question is how to accomplish that from both the hardware and
> software fronts.
> 	The box has a db9 serial port, so I'm guessing a db9 to USB
> converter will help; but I'm not sure if the serial port on the 4521
> is a DTE or a DCE, so I don't know if I'll need a null modem (female
> to female?) to make the connection work or not (I should note that
> I've been a Mac user all my life, so I don't know much about serial
> ports other than USB ;-). In short, what hardware is recommended to
> make the connection? If there are any Mac users reading, can you also
> tell me if I'll need any drivers for the USB-db9 converter to work on
> 10.4?
> 	Lastly, once the hardware part is dealt with, how do I reach the
> console in the 4521? That is, what software should I use to actually
> connect to the device? I'm fairly comfortable with the Unix aspect of
> the system so please don't refrain from pointing me to some command
> line only application, even if it means compiling it from source. I
> could go as far as considering installing Linux and/or {Free,Net,Open}
> BSD on my computer if any of those makes communicating with the 4521
> any easier.
> 	Thanks in advance for your help and time! Regards,...
> -jmpp
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