[Soekris] Dissapearing Interface on Mini-PC Slot

Frank Cole fcole at coleinnovations.com
Thu Mar 29 23:35:06 UTC 2007

Hi Chuck,

	A slight correction.... comBIOS 1.30 was relesaed a couple of days ago. 
  I dont know yet if the fix for this issue made it into the release or 
not. It isnt mentioned in the changelog but maybe we'll get lucky.

	As I am currently without a board to test it with, please give it a try 
and let me know if it fixes the problem.

Best Regards,


Chuck (Doc) Beaudette wrote:
> Thanks for the info...very helpful 
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> Hi Chuck,
> 	We've had the same issue.  The problem is with the comBIOS and how
> it is handling the single chip Atheros chipset on the Ubiquity and other
> Atheros single chip designs.  Our experience on average was about 1 out of
> 30 power cycles the cards would not be initialized properly at/just after
> POST though some boards seemed to be more frequent and some less frequent.
> 	We sent a couple of cards to Soekris for them to experiment with and
> hopefully come up with a fix for the soon to be released comBIOS 1.30
> update.
> 	Keep your fingers crossed.
> 	And you can stop reseating the card, it doesnt really do anything
> other than put wear on the card and the slot.  Been there, done that.  Only
> thing we've found that really does the trick is to do a hard reset (ie
> remove power and plug it back in) to correct the issue once it manifests as
> soft resets from the BIOS monitor dont consistently clear the problem up.
> 	Hope it helps....
> Frank Cole
> Chuck (Doc) Beaudette wrote:
>> I have run into an intersting anomoly and wonder if anyone else has 
>> seen something similar.
>> I am using a net4501 w/ Mikrotik kernel. I installed a Ubiquiti XR2 
>> wireless card. When I power cycle the unit, the wireless card 
>> disappears in the interface list. If I power off the unit, reseat the 
>> wireless card and power back up, the interface returns to the list.
>> I originally thought this was a heat issue with the card because I was 
>> originally using a Mikrotik R52 in a small case, but I have since had 
>> this happen with mutliple wireless cards (using both XR2 and Mikrotik 
>> R52) and with multiple net4501 boards in fan cooled large enclosures.
>> Doc
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