[Soekris] Dissapearing Interface on Mini-PC Slot

Frank Cole fcole at coleinnovations.com
Thu Mar 29 22:19:35 UTC 2007

Hi Chuck,

	We've had the same issue.  The problem is with the comBIOS and how it 
is handling the single chip Atheros chipset on the Ubiquity and other 
Atheros single chip designs.  Our experience on average was about 1 out 
of 30 power cycles the cards would not be initialized properly at/just 
after POST though some boards seemed to be more frequent and some less 

	We sent a couple of cards to Soekris for them to experiment with and 
hopefully come up with a fix for the soon to be released comBIOS 1.30 

	Keep your fingers crossed.

	And you can stop reseating the card, it doesnt really do anything other 
than put wear on the card and the slot.  Been there, done that.  Only 
thing we've found that really does the trick is to do a hard reset (ie 
remove power and plug it back in) to correct the issue once it manifests 
as soft resets from the BIOS monitor dont consistently clear the problem up.

	Hope it helps....

Frank Cole

Chuck (Doc) Beaudette wrote:
> I have run into an intersting anomoly and wonder if anyone else has seen
> something similar. 
> I am using a net4501 w/ Mikrotik kernel. I installed a Ubiquiti XR2 wireless
> card. When I power cycle the unit, the wireless card disappears in the
> interface list. If I power off the unit, reseat the wireless card and power
> back up, the interface returns to the list. 
> I originally thought this was a heat issue with the card because I was
> originally using a Mikrotik R52 in a small case, but I have since had this
> happen with mutliple wireless cards (using both XR2 and Mikrotik R52) and
> with multiple net4501 boards in fan cooled large enclosures. 
> Doc
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