[Soekris] Dissapearing Interface on Mini-PC Slot

Chuck (Doc) Beaudette doc at olypen.com
Thu Mar 29 18:33:35 UTC 2007

I have run into an intersting anomoly and wonder if anyone else has seen
something similar. 

I am using a net4501 w/ Mikrotik kernel. I installed a Ubiquiti XR2 wireless
card. When I power cycle the unit, the wireless card disappears in the
interface list. If I power off the unit, reseat the wireless card and power
back up, the interface returns to the list. 

I originally thought this was a heat issue with the card because I was
originally using a Mikrotik R52 in a small case, but I have since had this
happen with mutliple wireless cards (using both XR2 and Mikrotik R52) and
with multiple net4501 boards in fan cooled large enclosures. 


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