[Soekris] Soekris] 4801 thats stopped responding

william estrada MrUmunhum at popdial.com
Tue Mar 27 18:47:19 UTC 2007


   There are several 'things' you can do to help figure out what is broken.

1) First I don't think it is a hardware problem.  The 4801 is a pretty
    solid unit.  Mine had been running 24x7 for almost 3 years now.

2) Since it looks like you network is running, maybe?  You should install
    SSHD and SNMPD. SSHD will allow you external access.  SNMPD will allow
    you external control.  I can help you set up the SNMP MIB if you like.
    The flashing network light does not mean that you system is up, it only
    means what there is network traffic for other sources.
    Can you ping the 4801 at all?

3) I would set up an SNMP watchdog like script that would send out a UDP
    SNMP trap say every 60 seconds and watch on another computer to monitor
    it.  This will require SNMP be installed or I have done it with simple
    scripts or 'C' programs.  Just get the format of an SNMP trap and use

4) You might want to set up the second tty and use that as another monitor
    interface.  I would run a simple bash script that would:
      'nohup tail -f /var/log/message > /dev/ttyS1&'

5) Add a USB serial port and start a getty on that in your inittab.

6) Attach a USB keyboard or Keypad.  This will allow input only but you
    could use it to enter a command for debugging.

   Lots of options.  Let me know if I can help.

William Estrada
MrUmunhum at popdial.com
Mt-Umunhum-Wireless.net ( )

> Hi,
> 	I have a 4801 I bought about a year + 1/2 ago. It
> runs FreeBSD off a CF card with a USB flash to help it. It
> ran great for 10 months, but over the last 8 months its
> been "locking up" on me. I put that in quotes because I'm
> not sure if its the OS or the unit. I do see POWER on
> and the NET light blinking. No ERROR or DISK. When I try
> to serial console in, I get nothing. 
> 	Is there any way anyone knows to find out if the
> OS has gone south, or the unit is not operating properly.
> Is there some sort of key sequence to drop into COMBIOS
> temporarily or something?
> 			Thanks, Tuc

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