[Soekris] net4801 - OpenBSD 4.0 interface lockups

jas@spamcop.net jas at spamcop.net
Fri Mar 23 19:47:39 UTC 2007

Two weeks ago, I installed a net4801 (with vpn1411, a 13Gb 2.5" HDD and 4Gb
CompactFlash) to act as a firewall/router for my home network. So far ... it's
not quite going to plan.

I had to disabled the vpn1411 straight away, since otherwise it disabled SSH
access. I removed it yesterday afternoon, but didn't get any improvement from
that. (If anyone has any ideas for getting the vpn1411 to work properly, that
would be nice, but from what I've seen so far that's probably far off?)

Next, I moved the two filesystems off the HDD onto CompactFlash and tried
'atactl /dev/wd0c sleep', in the hope it might be a power supply issue; I got
my hopes up after it managed to stay operational for several hours after that,
but it has now failed (and required power-cycling) twice in the last two hours.

There's nothing of value in any logs that I can see (normal activity - NTP and
DHCPD - up until the box stops working, then a normal bootup). I don't have a
system with a serial port within cable-reach of the Internet connection, so I
can't see if anything gets put on the serial console; I'll see if I can find a
suitable USB converter in town tomorrow.

There does seem to be activity on the two interfaces I'm using (activity LED
flickering), but nothing getting through; sometimes it's only the
Internet-facing interface which dies, so I can SSH in and do a clean reboot
instead of power-cycling. (ifconfig down doesn't seem to help: the interface
never gets configured with an IP address again for some reason, even through
the dhclient process succeeds in getting a lease.)

I can't see any mention of this on OpenBSD lists; the inability to configure an
IP address does sound like an OS issue rather than hardware, but there are no
errors logged at all! (Not in dmesg, not in netstat -nI sis[0-2]...)

Suggestions anyone?


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