[Soekris] Smoking 4801 ...

Eric Wiese eric.the.hacker at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 03:32:32 UTC 2007

Hey there.  Sorry if this is the wrong mailing list.

I have a 4801.

I have a wifi card in the mini pci slot. It has a "pigtail" connected to it
which runs out to an external antenna.  Whenever the pigtail itself touches
anything on the board, bad things happen.  Usually it just locks up, and
after a reset, everything is ok.

The pigtail is insulated BTW.  Not very thick, but insulated nonetheless.

Today I was installing it into a case I built for it.  Not very much room in
there, but enough.
I plugged it in, the lights began to blink, and within seconds a little bit
of smoke came out of the case, along with a nice burned electronic smell.

I unplugged it as soon as I realized what was going on, removed it from the
case, and, after a few seconds, plugged it back in.
It worked just fine.

I made sure that nothing could possibly be shorting, and reassembled it
inside its new case.

This time, I plugged it in before the case was completely assembled.

As I put the last few pieces together, I noticed the pigtail about to touch
the board, and an instant later saw a little bit of smoke coming from near
the mini pci slot.

This time, the board doesn't seem to work anymore.  The bios loops endlessly
after the 5 second countdown.

If I look on the bottom of the board, I see the green plastic around two
soldered connections is a funny color.
The two soldered connections correspond to the little watch-battery-looking
thing with a violet band around it at the base of the mini pci slot toward
the DC jack.

What is that?

Can I replace it?

Thanks!  :-)
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