[Soekris] comBIOS update failure; connected but can't upload. help?

Bill Maas bill at stsx.org
Thu Mar 22 05:00:05 UTC 2007

Hello snowcrash,

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 15:44, snowcrash+soekris wrote:
> i got an acquaintance who regularly 'blows up' openwrt-based boxes,
> and therefore has a JTAG cable (gotta get me one of those) &
> experience (well ...), to do his magic & reflash. took awhile -- it's
> slow, but i'm up & running again at 19200.  never touching THAT again.

Would you/your acquaintance care to share the procedure? Would be very nice to 
have at hand for rescue missions, as you have demonstrated.

>   # Machine-generated file - use "minicom -s" to change parameters.

I still don't see much advantage of minicom over cu, except that you can spend 
more time setting up the first..


"Incompetence is our watchword" - John Peel

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