[Soekris] comBIOS update failure; connected but can't upload. help?

David Courtney blixel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 19:57:56 UTC 2007

> question why do you set yours at naudrate=9600, rather than the
> 'default' of 19200?

I forgot the Soekris boxes defaulted to 19200.  I use 9600 because
it's the default rate used by FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and the various Linux
distributions.  So when I install the OS, it's one less thing to mess

> following your instructions (very nicely written, btw!), on minicom
> send ... just nothing happens, and the "download -" eventually times
> out.
> thoughts?

Did your distribution install lrzsz with minicom?  If not, you don't
have the external you need.

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