[Soekris] Clear screen on boot

Nick Hibma nick at anywi.com
Wed Mar 21 13:53:16 UTC 2007


Why does the comBIOS clear the screen when booting? This is annoying for 
two reasons:

1) I can't see what the last message was on the screen (the reason for 
the reboot, like a panic message, etc.)

2) It doesn't work very well on a simple terminal like tip/cu (which can 
be used to hop from soekris to soekris through a serial cable) if the 
screen is not exactly 25 lines long. The screen gets all mixed ip. 
Haven't tried it on minicom or a Windows app.

I'd appreciate it if that clear screen was removed in the next update of 
the BIOS if it is not too much trouble.


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