[Soekris] how to reset soekris to *factory* defaults?

Andy Michaels lego at therac25.net
Wed Mar 21 04:53:36 UTC 2007

yeah, seems odd, no?  have you tried just waiting out the boot process? 
  BTW, what OS is it running, and what are you using to connect to the 
serial console?  I'm going to bed soon, so I may not get your reply 
until tomorrow morning.  er, this morning.


On Mar 21, 2007, at 12:48 AM, snowcrash+soekris wrote:

>> did you try holding in the reset button?  That might do it, but I 
>> can't
>> find definitive proof.
> yup. no effect, afaict.
> this is nuts. no way to reset?  :-/

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