[Soekris] Hi/fn cards and SSH...

Gabe E. Nydick gnydick-soekris at nydick.net
Sat Mar 17 02:34:17 UTC 2007

Anybody know if OpenBSD is getting updated?  I'd be happy to contribute 
the code if I knew how, but it'd probably take me 3 months to figure it out.

BTW 4.1 as of a few days ago doesn't fix that, but it does seem to fix 
busmaster DMA.

- G

Sam Leffler wrote:
> Andy Michaels wrote:
>> I found a thread from 2004 on the OpenBSD mailing lists about an issue 
>> where SSH connections with high volume traffic caused dropped 
>> connections on a Soekris 4801.  Does anyone know if this issue is 
>> resolved?  I'm hoping with 3 years in between, the issue has died.  I 
>> ask because we are about to purchase 2 4801s and 2 1411 mini-PCI cards. 
>>   If there's an issue with OpenSSH, then this will not suit our needs.
> There are longstanding bugs in the hifn crypto driver on all bsd systems
> that cause this problem w/ 795x cards.  They have purportedly been fixed
> by Michael Richardson in work that was recently released for linux
> (thanks to Hifn for their sponsorship).  I started to integrate the
> changes to freebsd but haven't finished (they are extensive).
> 	Sam
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